The 7th China (Nanjing) International Software Product Expo.

Exposition in Brief

The exposition, sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science & Technology, General Administration of Press and Publication of the P.R. China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government is the largest software exhibition of its kind in south of China.

Since 2005, the exposition, characterized by its rich high-tech flavor, has been held successfully 5 times. Each exposition registers greater success than the previous one, and one after another, each fair distinguishes itself with more innovations than its predecessor.

After 5 times of successfully being hosted, now the exposition has its loyal exhibitors, experienced staff. The number of visitors amounted to more than 200,000 in the past 5 years. They were manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters, direct consumers, government officials, scientific research institutes, software industry administration, universities and colleges, etc. Many big name companies also joined us in the exposition, such as: Microsoft, IBM, Motorola, ORACLE, ERICSSON, HP, SHARP, ZTE, HUAWEI ,Kingdee, FUJITSU, SGS, Lucent, Satyam, Dell, NARI, PANDA, UFIDA, MONASH, etc.

In 2009, in spite of "Global Financial Crisis" and A H1N1, companies and organizations from 37 countries and regions participated in the expo, which reached the record high.

The 6th Nanjing Software Expo will be hosted on Sep.3-5, 2010, at Nanjing International Expo Center, which is located at HeXi New Urban Area, a new Central Business Domain in Nanjing. During the exposition, a great variety of software will be on display, providing a wide range of choices for both Chinese and foreign traders, who are sure to be greatly impressed by all the exhibits.

Exhibit Categories

Database, network management, middleware, network security, SOA, SAAS, cloud computing network, embedded software, OA, ERP, financial software, CRM, SCM, EAM, system and security, smart grid and electric power automation, enterprise informatization, e-government, telecommunication, finance, securities, animated games, education and PE software; IC product and solution, software outsourcing service, computer equipment, network construction, communication equipment, mobile equipment, digital home appliance, consumer electronics, IT education and training, smarter city.

Why to Participate

With 5 times of success, CIS which was awarded "China Top 10 Most Influential Expo Brands" and "High Quality Exhibition in Yanytze Delta, China", now is one of the best expositions for its highest specification, largest scale and most remarkable effect.

In the past 5 years, CIS attracted 70 domestic and 80 overseas delegations to participate in the exposition.

With the increasing influence, each expo saw more professional visitors than its predecessor. This number reached to 34,720 in CIS2009.

The theme of CIS2010 is "Software Service Innovation and Global Resource Sharing", embodying openness, professionalism, effectiveness and mess participation, featuring internationalization, as well as showing business function.

CIS2010 will attract organizations and companies from many countries and regions to participate, such USA, Japan, Israel, India, Ireland, Mexico, Finland, UK, Italy, Canada, Belgium, France, Argentina and Germany, etc.

"Senior Software Talents Recruitment Area" is available during CIS2010 exhibition period, providing software human resource exchange service.

High-level software internationalization strategic forum furnishes a great opportunity of consulting the development of software industry and solutions.

Organization Institution

Sponsored by:

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

The Ministry of Science & Technology

The General Administration of Press and Publication

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Jiangsu Provincial People's Government

Organized by:

Nanjing Municipal People's Government

Jiangsu Economy and Information Technology Commission

Jiangsu Science & Technology Department

Jiangsu Copyright Administration

CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council

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