China Game Outsourcing Conference

CGOC (China Game Outsourcing Conference), organized by Howell International Trade Fair Ltd. and SMIA (Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association) and partner with ChinaJoy Organization Committee is going to be launched for a second time during ChinaJoy 2011. CGOC 2011 will keep on combing both business conference and match making program for outsouring companies worldwide.

If you are the companies who wish to meet local outsourcing companies in China, CGOC is going to be the best choice. Set up the meetings through CGOC business matching system and discover a brand-new partnership with the local suppliers.


A new tide of global game outsourcing with China on the edge


As the first game outsourcing conference in China, CGOC 2011 aims to provide a chance for exchanging and communication in such a post-financial crisis atmosphere. In the conference, enterprises dealing with business in every link of game outsourcing industry can present their technology and products and seek partnerships. It is also intended that participants will not only communicate in technology and business but also take the conference as a chance to encourage each other to join their efforts and work hard for the development of the industry.

Conference Day

Share the experience with outstanding talents in game outsourcing industry! Topics will mainly aims at introduction of the most advanced PC/Console, Next-Gen, R&D technology to China so as to reinforce R&D ability of China game outsourcing industry and strengthen the technical and management level on R&D and production.

Business Matching Day

Platform for outsourcers and outsourcees, a face-to-face communication, precious chance of gathering great companies and genius in outsourcing industry at one time. Best chance of business matching, all in one day.

Brilliant Night

The brilliant Night 2011 Business Dinner is the only official dinner of CGOC 2011, it is supported by the consulates coming from more than 10 countries. Create an easy atmosphere for both domestic and overseas attendees to exchange ideas among ivestors, technicians and publishers.


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