Global Outsourcing Summit

Global Outsourcing Summit (GOS) is an important milestone in the development of global outsourcing. It is an important event jointly hosted by Asia-Pacific CEO Association (APCEO), a famous international economic organization and International Outsourcing Center (IOC), the professional international outsourcing association, as well as a host government.

The 1st GOS (2007) host in China: Tianjin Municipal People's Government

The 2nd GOS (2008) host in China: Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government

The 3rd GOS (2009) host in China: Nanjing Municipal People's Government

The number of participants for each summit is around 600.

Main Participants:

1. Important political figures worldwide

2. Chairmen, Presidents, Chief Executive Officers as well as Managers of Outsourcing projects from Fortune 500 companies, Forbes Global 2000 companies and other listed companies all over the world

3. Leaders of global outsourcing enterprises

4 .Global outsourcing experts

Main Functions of the Summit

1. To integrate global outsourcing resources & to gather global outsourcing elites

2. To research the status quo of global outsourcing & to explore the development law of global outsourcing

3. To call on global political and economic leaders to attach importance to global outsourcing & to improve the competitiveness of enterprises on the basis of global outsourcing

4. To enhance the visibility and capability of service providing countries and enterprises

5. To strengthen regional cooperation of global outsourcing, foster a global outsourcing market system and set up key projects like global outsourcing Centers, order- taking centers and distribution centers


Global outsourcing is an important way to increase the comprehensive economic strength of a country and to enhance the competitiveness and brand recognition of global main-stream companies. Meanwhile, global outsourcing acts as a significant tool for multinational companies to reduce cost as well as operating risks. Harvard Business Review has long identified that "Outsourcing has been one of the most important management concepts and practices in the past 75 years". In less than 20 years of its existance, global outsourcing has been developing at astonishing speed and has become one of the most important topics attracting attention from governments and companies all over the world.

Nowadays, international economic cooperation has expanded its coverage from trade and investment to outsourcing, which is now of equal importance to both service providers and service buyers. Instead of being an unwilling move to squeeze cost, outsourcing is, in fact, a proactive move to deal with the quick changing international market—through outsourcing, service buyers can realize resource optimization, industrial chain integration and extraordinary development.

For developing countries, what requires special attention is that while putting a premium on providing service, they should also encourage mature domestic industries and companies to buy services. By fully integrating the two parties of outsourcing, the harmonious development of the service industry can be realized and service trade conflicts can be reduced. A dynamic combination of contracting and outsourcing, manufacturing outsourcing and service outsourcing will bring about revolutionary adjustment to business management and industrial integration, which will greatly promote the transformation of the global economy.


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