2011 Shared Services and Outsourcing Conference

Over past years, shared services and outsourcing businesses have achieved extensive and rapid growth in China. Due to advantages in labor costs, inflation rates, labor scale and quality, management capability, infrastructure and social stability; China is able to provide sound environment for developing an outsourcing industry and emerge as a global popular outsourcing destination.

However, compared to China's manufacturing industry, its outsourcing industry is still fairly new. Outsourcing companies in China have a relatively limited ability to solve operational and structural problems. As more domestic Chinese companies begin to actively expand their business by reaching to international clients, the need for constant technological innovation and knowledge to compete on the global scale becomes evident.

China Entrepreneurs - Industry Series is proud to launch the 2011 Shared Services and Outsourcing Conference. The conference will feature a number of seasoned international and local providers of shared and outsourcing services, corporate decision makers and industry experts to demonstrate the most vivid cases and provide insights on industry trends, decision-making strategy, innovation and reform in order to seize opportunities and tackle challenges.

China Entrepreneurs

China Entrepreneurs (CE), the most prominent and well known brand of the CEBEX Group, was founded by Eric Schmidt in February of 2003. CE is a professional organization focused on providing a platform for ideas and interaction among people who want to stimulate the movement of entrepreneurship in China. Over 8 years in the making, China Entrepreneurs has now become a major networking initiative in China. Events have grown to over 800 domestic and foreign participants and host a range of esteemed speakers including Mr. John Sculley, former CEO of Apple Computer and President of Pepsi Co., and Nick Yang, President and Founder of KongZhong Corporation.

The CEBEX Group officially launched in October of 2010 in order incorporate our range CEBEX Group facilitates the development and growth of industry ecosystems through a unique, multi-platform approach. Our diverse range of services enables us to leverage our core competencies in order to provide our clients with the opportunities necessary to capitalize on China's vibrant economy.


Founded by Eric Schmidt in February of 2003, China Entrepreneurs (formerly Beijing Entrepreneurs) became the first entrepreneurship networking initiative to hit Beijing. As more and more entrepreneurs came to China in search of their own piece of China's economy, the simple question of how to do business in China arose. After hearing a wide variety of viewpoints, China Entrepreneurs was formed, starting in small venues of thirty-mainly foreign- attendees. Events occurred two to three times a month as a way for various entrepreneurs to share their own experiences on doing business in China.The company transformed itself in 2005 to focus on entrepreneurship and building domestic and foreign businesses in China.

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