Implementation Value of Service Outsourcing of Nantong Over 1.2 Billion USD & Ranked No.4 in Jiangsu Province in 2015
Source: View: 232 Date: 2016-01-25

According to information achieved by reporter from municipal commerce bureau in January 19th of 2016, in the year of 2015, service outsourcing in Nantong kept rapid development; the amount of service outsourcing contract newly signed was 1.46 billion USD, which increasing 69.5% year-on-year; implementation value of service outsourcing was 1.27 billion USD, which increasing 56.2%. The rank in Jiangsu province increased from No.5 to No.4.

According to introduction, in the year of 2015, implementation value of ITO, BPO and KPO in Nantong were 780 million USD, 200 million USD and 290 million USD, which increasing 63.4%, 35.4% and 69.9% year-on-year respectively. Until the end of December of 2015, implementation value of industrial design and engineering technology outsourcing, pharmaceutical and biotechnology R & D outsourcing, animation and game design R & D outsourcing were 170 million USD, 70 million USD and 20 million USD respectively, which increasing 60% year-on-year. Rapid growth of high-end outsourcing plays function of promotion for adjustment and optimization of service outsourcing industrial structure in Nantong.

At the same time, emerging offshore market has good development trend. Nantong actively developed emerging market that the implementation value of offshore from “One Belt & One Road” areas was 11.21 million USD, which increasing 76.4% year-on –year and accounting for 5.9% of total value in Nantong. The implementation value of service outsourcing undertaken from Brazil, Korea, Taiwan and other locations increased 60.9%, 52.1% and 47.6% respectively. Besides that, with “interne +” and big data gradually becoming national strategies, Nantong rapidly promotes construction of intelligent city and cloud computing center; development potentials of onshore service outsourcing business also has been greatly released. In the year of 2015, amount of service outsourcing onshore contract in Nantong was 8.42 billion RMB, implementation value was 7.09 billion RMB, which increasing 57.5% and 51.1% year-on-year respectively.

It is more happily that service outsourcing is becoming an important channel for college students to work. Until the end of December of 2015, there has been accumulated 1000 service outsourcing enterprises in Nantong, more than 50,000 employees in this industry. Among them, there was newly increasing 17,000 people in 2015, which increasing 58.1% year-on-year; 46,000 people graduated from colleges or universities that accounts for 88.5% of employees. In the year of 2015, nearly 50 enterprises organized by Nantong government successively have launched service outsourcing talent employment in more than 10 colleges and universities in Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou that provided near 1,000 service outsourcing positons.

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