Letv.com Enters Overseas Market With Hong Kong Subsidiary
Source: chinatechnews.com View: 262 Date: 2014-06-12

Jia Yueting, chief executive officer of Letv.com, announced via Sina Weibo that the company has set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong and its super TV product will enter Hong Kong primed for overseas market expansion.

Letv’s overseas business is rumored to be led by Mo Cuitian, former marketing vice president of Chinese smartphone maker Meizu. However, the news was not yet officially confirmed.

Liu Hong, chief operating officer of Letv, said that the company will focus more on overseas markets in 2014, especially Hong Kong and North America. In Hong Kong, Letv will initially promote its hardware products and will open a Letv flagship experience store. Letv’s experience stores will be reportedly divided into three levels: the first level is flagship stores which will be located in first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai; the second level is smaller stores which have sales and experience functions; and the third level is community stores.

By the end of April, the total sales of the company’s super TV reached over 650,000 units, and the number is expected to reach one million units by August 2014.


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