CEA announced the "2015 International CES Asia" will be hold in China for the first time
Source: cn-c114.net View: 210 Date: 2014-07-18

Yesterday, America Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that the 2015 International CES Asia will be held during May 25-27, 2015 in Shanghai China with a brand new appearance, it will build a innovation exhibition platform for the global consumer electronics industry, which will attract the participation of many of the world’s well-known enterprises and industry leaders, and will push out new innovative products and technology to the high-speed developing Asian markets. The 2015 International CES Asia will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).

"We are pleased to announce that the Asian consumer electronics show will be held in Shanghai China for the first time," President & CEO of CEA Gary Shapiro said, "China is the key driving force for promoting the development of the global technology industry, China offers unprecedented developing opportunities for the consumer electronics industry, and accelerates the innovation of new products. In the 2015 International CES Asia, participants will be able to closely contact and experience the well-known brands China and all around the world, and witness the innovative products and technology in consumer electronics industry at the same time."

"We hope that the 2015 International CES Asia will not only attract the major economies America, China, Japan, South Korea, but also the innovative enterprises in the emerging countries in the Southeast Asia, we hope they will findbusiness opportunities in the China market, and keep a foothold through this platform." Karen Czapka said, the senior vice president of CEA international consumer electronics show and enterprise management strategy.

The exhibitors, sponsors and participants in the 2015 International CES Asia will contain at least: Amazon, Best Buy, Ford Motor Company, Fry’s Electronics, Gibson Brands, Hisense, IBM, Intel, JD.com, Monster, Newegg, Radio Shack, Starpower, TCL, Woox.


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