Hon Hai Signs Five New Big Data Projects In Guizhou
Source: chinatechnews.com View: 235 Date: 2014-07-18

Hon Hai Precision Industry, parent company of Foxconn, announced that they have signed five major agreements with Guizhou to enhance investments in the province.

Of the five agreements, three were signed with Gui’an New District, including Foxconn’s cloud computing, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and health Lohas industrial park projects. Meanwhile, the company will team with Peking University and Tsinghua University to develop a big data center and carbon nano research and development center in Guizhou.

Terry Gou, chairman of Hon Hai, said during the signing ceremony that they will cooperate with various research and development partners and gather the most brilliant people in mainland China to develop big data and nanotechnologies in Guizhou.

Gou emphasized that by joining hands with Peking University and Tsinghua University, Hon Hai will be able to launch more innovations and more exciting new technologies are expected to be born in Guizhou. They will turn those innovations into commercial solutions to share the most advanced technologies and services with the entire world.

According to Hon Hai, the company will team with Peking University to establish a joint research center to develop cutting-edge big data technologies and solutions. The company’s cooperation with Tsinghua University will copy their cooperation experience in Beijing. The two parties will jointly promote the research and development of new applications related to nanotechnologies.

In addition, the first phase of Foxconn’s fourth-generation green industrial park has been launched in Guizhou. By using green materials, this fourth-generation green industrial park can reduce factory energy consumption by about 20%.

Total monetary figures of the scope of investment were not announced.


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