China Mobile committed to cut down 4G tariffs and increase roaming services to 50 countries/regions
Source: View: 282 Date: 2014-07-23

Lu Wenchang, the assistant general manager of marketing department of China Mobile, said in the press conference on July 21st, despite the continuous reform of its 4G packages, the developing speed of 4G is far beyond imagination, and there is still large rectification space in 4G tariffs. China Mobile showed that it would continue to lower the threshold of 4G tariffs.

In addition, China Mobile has been providing 4G international roaming services in American, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Brazil, Hongkong and Taiwan, in the next, China Mobile will provide 4G roaming services in 50 countries and regions that the customers go most frequently.

According to the recently released operation data of June by China Mobile, 4G subscribers of China Mobile have exceeded the 10 million mark for the first time.

Previously, the President of China Mobile Li Yue put forward the new goal of 4G for this year at the 2014GTI Asia Conference: get 50 million new 4G subscribers in 2014. As long as China Mobile keeps the developing speed of 6 million new 4G subscribers monthly in 2H2014, it is able to achieve the target. Insiders believe that, according to the current developing speed in 4G subscribers of China Mobile, it is not difficult to complete the task.


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