China Telecom officially put 4G mobile phones on sale
Source: View: 256 Date: 2014-07-23

Following the online business of Tianyi 4G mobile phones through the China Telecom online business hall and Jingdong Mall on June 15th, China Telecom announced that, it officially starts the 4G mobile phone business services in entity channels in the first 16 cities, customers can purchase the 4G smartphones and choose the packages to use  4G service of China Telecom.

At present, Tianyi 4G network of China Telecom will adopt the hybrid networking mode of LTE FDD/TD-LTE, the theoretical peak speed can reach 150Mbps, which is 32 times of the former 3G network.

At the same time, the devices will support the LTE FDD/TD-LTE/CDMA network at the same time, so 4G subscribers of China Telecom can use 3 kinds of network simultaneously: in LTE 4G network covering areas, you can connect to the internet by access of LTE FDD/TD-LTE network; while in the areas LTE signal is not available, the devices will automatically switch to the 3G network of China Telecom, which is more mature and stable.

In terms of the devices, China Telecom held the order meeting of Tianyi 4G mobile phones last week, making the models of 4G devices increased 6 to 19 rapidly.

In the 4G packages, China Telecom has formally issued a variety ones, including the pure data traffic cloud package for young people, the enjoy 4G packages for business people, the personal customized packages for the individual needs of different customers, as well as group purchasing policies for governments and enterprises.


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