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Background of Chengdu

As China's "National Treasure", the giant panda is one of the rarest animals in the world, currently with a total number of 1500 and plus in the wild, 80% of which are in Sichuan Province. A breeding center for giant pandas was founded on the north suburbs of Chengdu. It is the only one of its kind on the earth that has its location in a metropolis. For the protection of wild giant pandas, Chengdu also has established a few nature reserves in Dujiangyan City, Chongzhou City, and Dayi County. Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve, the biggest of its kind in the world, is only 130 km from Chengdu. The Western world came to know giant pandas only after a French missionary named David first discovered this species in Sichuan Province, in 1869. Now, the somewhat crumsy lovable giant panda is a symbol not only for World Wildlife Fund, but also for world peace and friendship. They are also a messenger of friendly communication between Chengdu and other cities abroad. Currently, there are giant pandas being reared in the U.S.A, Germany, Austria, Japan, as well as Mexico.

Chengdu Service Outsourcing Industry Development


The development goals of Chengdu's outsourcing service are as follows: First, the outsourcing export would amount to 100-200 million dollars, the revenues of service outsourcing would amount to 26 billion Yuan; in 2010, the outsourcing export will amount to 500 million dollars and revenues 80 billion Yuan with an annual growth rate of over 45%. Second, in 2010, a group of outsourcing enterprises with working staff of over 3000 and with revenues of over 1 billion Yuan will come into being. The total number of people working in outsourcing industry will exceed 200,000.

Third, the Hi-tech zone will serve as the major industrial complex and shed influence on Wuhou District and Du Jiang Yan. Two outsourcing convergence zones with areas of 9 square kilometers and 10 million square meters respectively will be established.

Political Support:

Chengdu Municipal Government has issued a series of preferential policies for the development outsourcing industry, for example, "Chengdu municipal government opinions on the development of outsourcing service", "Preferential policies for the development of software industry in the hi-tech industry development zone (trial implementation)", "Policies and opinions on the development of Chengdu's software industry", "Opinions on the acceleration of the development of outsourcing industry" as an attachment to the policies issued by the provincial government. Chengdu municipal government also took other measures to propel the development of outsourcing industry in the aspects of finance, tax, investment and financing, government purchasing, talent nurturing, development of industrial clusters and support-the-strong policies.

Besides, in order to boost the outsourcing industry, Chengdu municipal government allocated 200 million from the city's industrial-development specialized fund to implement the training plan of outsourcing talents. Nowadays, Chengdu has released "the Plan on the management of software specialists", "the Plan on the fostering of software talents (Year 2007-2010)", "A temporary solution for company's recruitment of high-positioning talents" and has set up the development goal of talents supply in the eleventh "five-year plan" period.

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