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Geographic Background:

Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, located in the central region of China (Geographical Coordinates: 32'N and 117'E) between Yangtze and Huaihe Rivers and near Chaohu Lake. It possesses a strategically important location easily accessible from all directions of the country, and it connects the vast area of Central China.

Hefei enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate featuring mild climate with distinct seasons and appropriate precipitation. In spring the temperature varies frequently with an obvious raining period, rainfall concentrates in summer while autumn has crisp air and clear sky. The average temperature is 15.7℃, the mean precipitation is about 1000 millimeters and sunshine-time accounts for 2163 hours annually.

The total area of the city is 7497.66 square kilometers, of which the urban districts cover 596.01 square kilometers, Changfeng 2390.41,Feidong 2211.38 and Feixi 2299.86.


By making good use of the abundant resources of land and natural minerals, advantages in science and education and low labor cost, Hefei is now in a prime period with the highest speed in development and the best quality in economic operation.

In the year of 2008, the whole city realized 166.484 billion RMB in GDP. The fiscal revenue was 30.121 billion, increased by 40%, of which local revenue was 16.094 billion with an increase of 57.8%, the import and export volume totaled 7.708 billion dollars, increased by 23.4%,of which export volume was 5.43 billion dollars with an increase of 26.3%.

With a full catalog of industries and supporting facilities, Hefei is a new booming industrial city featuring manufacturing. Eight key industries have taken shape, comprising auto-making,equipment manufacturing, house-hold appliance, chemical industry and tyre, IT and software, new materials, biotechnology and new medicine, food and in-depth processing of agricultural and sideline products. The high-tech industry gears up and progresses rapdly, leading other pillar industries with full vitality. Hefei can produce about 2,000 categories of products, Many brand-name products like JAC truck, Meiling and Royalstar household appliance, Guofeng Plastics, Heli Forklift, Gt Tire, Hitachi Excavator are well known far and near.

Hefei Service Outsourcing Industry Development:


Now Hefei has incorporated service outsourcing into its "Eleventh Five-year Plan" for major industries, and set its goals in 2010, end of the "Eleventh Five-year Plan" period.

1. The output value of service outsourcing businesses of Hefei will reach RMB 10 billion.

2. Hefei's service outsourcing exports will reach US$ 500 million.

3. There will be over 50,000 service outsourcing professionals.

4. One hundred domestic and foreign companies will establish service outsourcing companies in Hefei, with 50 of which passing CMM/CMMI3 certification.

Political Support:

To support the development of service outsourcing, Hefei Government has formulated many policies, such as policies to encourage the development of the software industry, establishment of special funds for technological innovation. In August 2007, Hefei Government also issued the guidelines for promoting the development of the service outsourcing industry. The Hefei New and High Technology Industry Development Zone made preferential policies in land rights transfer, housing sale and rental for the companies based in the park. Hefei Government also gives strong financial support by allocating RMB 50 million from its budget to facilitate the development of service outsourcing, with special emphasis placed on major service outsourcing companies, human resources training, public service, subsidy, international certification and support funds set up by the ministries of commerce, information industry, science and technology. The Government also provides financial support to exports of eligible service outsourcing companies. Besides, it also offers tax incentives and cuts 15% of income tax for the companies that are designated as new and high technology companies by the authorities of science and technology in accordance with national regulations.

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