Dalian Software Park

Dalian Software Park Co., Ltd(DLSP)was invested and established by Yida Group, is a professional service provider in business park development, management and operation. In the past 12 years, DLSP has attracted some of the most outstanding enterprises – both from home and abroad - to join the park and provide them with professional services. DLSP's world-class services bring sustainable and harmonious development to the tenants and create high quality working and living space for the society.

In 1998, DLSP pioneered a new development model of "Privately owned, Supported by the Government" not seen before in this industry. The first phase of the project occupied an area of 3 square kilometers, with over 500 enterprises involved in it. Now there are more than 50,000 individuals employed and over 50,000 residents in the park. While creating tremendous social value to the city of Dalian, DLSP also does a lot to promote the development of the aviation, exhibition, hotel, finance, education and real estate industries of the city. DLSP has become an internationalized new technology city, integrating industry, education, living and recreation.

As the global service industry is transferring to China, and to support the industrial development and improve the living condition in the area. DLSP, by cooperating with the Chinese government, commits itself to the development of software outsourcing services. DLSP invested and operates several professional parks in Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin and Suzhou, providing comprehensive services to thousands of clients – both domestic and international, as well as tens of thousands of residents. The company's core functions cover real estate development, property construction, invitation of business and operation,and value added human resources services. Presently, there are near 700 enterprises in the four parks including 40 Fortune 500 companies.

With congenial and flexible values, DLSP continues to be dedicated to convergence and collaboration with its clients and the government. It spares no effort in realizing people's dream of career development and living. Through the construction of ecological business parks and technology city, DLSP provides a platform for everybody to succeed.

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