Qi Lu Software Park


As one of the earliest four software parks in China, Qilusoftware STP connects Jinan Olympic Center and Jinan Government Affairs Center in the west, joins the cradle land of the Longshan Culture in the east, and faces towards the green mount Tai Extensions in the south. It takes only 15 minutes to drive from Jinan International Airport to the Park. Moreover, Jingshi Road, Gongye South Road, and Century Avenue – the arteries of Jinan City – run across the Park. Qilusoftware STP is a professional ICT Science and Technology Park focusing on Software development, and extents to various industry categories including service outsourcing, game & animation, telecom, IC design and manufacturing, and system integration. Its round incubator is the largest ring building in the world. Currently there around 570 companies in the STP, with more than 30,000 employees.

Qilusoftware STP is an important outsourcing base in China. So far there are around 50 software outsourcing companies in Qilusoftware STP, and branch companies of most of the big outsourcing companies in China. A number of giant companies listed in Fortune 500 have established branch companies or opened labs here, such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Panasonic, NEC and Hitachi. Famous domestic Outsourcing companies have established R&D or educational centers in Qilusoftware STP, like Dalian DHC, Beijing Sinocom, Shanghai Qiming, etc.

Qilusoftware STP is famous in the country for its special service system. 6 platforms have been built to enhance the core competitiveness of the park companies:

Qilusoftware Talent Accumulating Platform

Qilusoftware technical Supporting Platform

Qilusoftware Enterprises Collaboration Unions in 4 industry categories

Qilusoftware IPR Protection Platform

Qilusoftware Innovation Platform

Qilusoftware Financial PlatformQilusoftware STP Incubator

Covering an area of 19.7 hectares and a construction area of 230,000 m2, Qilusoftware STP owns the largest incubator in China. The outside diameter of Qilusoftware STP Pioneer Square is 400 meters, the largest ring building globally.

Industry District

Covering an area of 333 hectares, this area is totally designed, developed and constructed by enterprises under the guidance and assistance of Qilusoftware STP.

Education District

Covering an area of 5 hectares, QiLu Software College, the sixth campus of Shandong University,is jointly invested and constructed by Jinan Hi-tech Zone and Shandong University, with 6000 students in campus, learning computer sciences.

Plan ICT headquarter

In order to facilitate more and better office spaces for companies, Qilusoftware STP decides to build a lotus shaped ICT headquarter, neighboring Qilusoftware Incubator. It covers a land area of 2.35 acres.

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