Shenzhen Software Park

Shenzhen Software Park, located on the beautiful Shenzhen Bay, is integrated with Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Park, an important vehicle established by Shenzhen Municipal Government to support the development of software industry.

The Shenzhen Software Park now has over 400 member companies, employing over 40,000 people. In 2004, member companies sold in excess of 22.4 Billion RMB in software sales, or approximately 10% of China's total software sales revenue for the year. In addition, 2004 software exports have surpassed 580 Million U.S. dollars, meaning that SZ-SWP member companies contributed about 20% of China's total sales revenue in software exports for the year.

After just several years of construction and development, the Shenzhen Software Park has become one of China's most important software product research and development centers. This accomplishment is primarily due to four programs which the Software Park setup and continues to administer:

1. The Software Company Incubation Program

2. The Software Products Export Program

3. The Talented Software People Training Program

4. The International Software Technology Cooperation Program

As a result of these four programs, Shenzhen now holds a prominent position in the national software industry.

The Shenzhen municipal government has also built the necessary ancillary infrastructure required to support the Software Park, including housing, hospitals, training&education facilities, libraries, and recreational facilities. This, in turn, has attracted to the Park a large number of well known domestic and international technology companies. Many of them, such as King Dee, Kingdom, Tencent, MCM , Kejian ,Oaking, Guanri, Liming , Aspire-tech have become tenants of the Park. Bank of China, China Mobile, ChinaSoft, NeuSoft, Powerise, HuaSheng, QiMing, as well as IBM, Oracle, HP, Microsoft, Siemens, Zensar, Bank of Switzerland, and Orange Communications (among others), have invested in research and development facilities within the Software Park. Well known domestic communication equipment, computer, pharmaceutical equipment, and information appliance manufacturers such as Huawei Technologies, ZTE, UT Star, Great Wall, Lenovo, Mindray, Skyworth, TCL and TTE have also invested in technology centers within the Park.

The Shenzhen Software Park and its member companies have targeted three major segment of the software export market: Software Exporting and Outsourcing, Embedded Software, and IC Design. Software Exporting and Outsourcing companies are represented by Kingdee,Pengkai and Dazhan,among others. Embedded Software companies are represented by Huawei,ZTE and Netac,among others. And IC Design companies are represented by Via Tech, UMC, EMC, Sunplus, Infinenon and JHT. Together these companies and the business success that they have enjoyed have had a big impact on the local software industry, building up the local knowledge and skills necessary to take the industry to yet greater heights. Their success has also made Shenzhen a leader in China in terms of software exports.

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