Devott Insights: Innovative Models of Human Resource Services under Era of Cloud
Source: View: 222 Date: 2015-11-27

The power from new technologies sweeps the field of human resource outsourcing service, subverts traditional model of human resource service. Facing increasing cost of enterprises’ management, disorder management system, complicated operation processing and other problems, many traditional human resource services only can provide simple management tools and agent services, but doesn’t meet real demands of enterprises, which is far away from the goal from enterprises to seek human resource service. However, some enterprises with visionary begin to use cloud computing, big data and other emerging technologies to create service models.

No.1 Innovative Model: Make a Single Function to Be Cloudization

Mainly use emerging technologies to build function platforms, such as employment platform, social security platform that accomplish online employment, mobile employment, online paying social security and processing social security affairs in cloud platform. Currently, in aspect of social management, the typical example in industry is that is a website to provide social security services, devotes to provide social security processing, wage payment and other services, and the website also has a HR & social security BBS covering general questions about social security affairs to help HRs to grow.

No.2 Innovative Model: Make Partly Functions to Be Cloudization

This model mainly uses cloud platform to integrate partly functions of human resource services, to improve enterprises’ management level (employment management firstly) with low cost, to improve enterprises’ living environment, and to stabilize enterprises’ development. Loving employees is a kind of service model that provides employee management for small & medium-size enterprises with “low cost service + free charge tools + self-purchasing subsidy” strategy that means to provide employees’ training, attendance, employment, inspiration and other low cost services for enterprises, to provide enterprises’ management via independently developing mobile management system, to improve interaction between enterprises and employees; meanwhile, it also can provide profit for employees in small & medium-size enterprises that tries to change customers’ behaviors in shortest time and to accomplish rapid growth of customers’ number.

No.3 Innovative Model: “One-Stop” Human Resource Cloud Service

Use SAAS mode to package all human resource services that provide housekeeper type of human resource service for enterprises. Currently, provides this kind of human resource service that means to provide employment, induction, social security, birthday, holiday, length of service, training, diversified profit purchasing and grant, circle communication and other “one-stop” human resource online management services to efficiently reduce management cost of enterprises, and to improve human resource management level.

Under era of internet, cloud computing model based on internet will provide a new opportunity for local enterprises in China. Only fully explore new technologies grasping features of domestic service enterprises, can create human resource enterprises’ services fitting for market.

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