Devott Insights: Big Data Industry Settles in China and will be Stronger
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China’s big data industry is rising. According to “The White Paper of China’s Big Data Industry in 2015” published by GBDEX, in the year of 2014 China’s big data market achieved 76.7 billion RMB, which increasing 27.83% year-on-year; it predicted that until the year of 2020, China’s big data market will reach 822.881 billion RMB. Big data technology has integrated into finance, education, medical, agriculture, telecommunication, transportation and other industries. Meanwhile, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China is formulating “The Development Schedule of Big Data Industry in ‘the 13th Five-Year’” to support big data technology and industrial innovation development. Therefore, big data industry in China no matter under global economic trend & technology improvement opportunities, or under main deployment of national strategy & gradually demands of enterprises’ application and consumption application, will become the biggest focus in next ten years.

Big Data Has Become Strategic Core Industry in China

Approved by Li Keqiang, the prime minister, in September of 2015, the State of Council printed and published “The Outline of Promoting Big Data Development” (referred as to “The Outline”) to systematically deploy big data development works. “The Outline” clarified that promoting big data and application will build social management new mode with precise management and multi cooperation in next five to ten years, build stable & safe & high-efficient economic operation new mechanism, build people’s life service new system focusing on human being and benefiting for all citizens, launch innovation driving new layout with public entrepreneurship & people’s innovation, and cultivate new ecology with high-end & intelligent & flourishing emerging industries.

"The Outline” mainly deploys three aspects. The first one is to rapidly open and share government’s data, to promote resource integration, and to improve management ability. Greatly promote data sharing among governmental departments, gradually promote opening of public data resources, plan big data infrastructure, support scientific macro-control, promote precise management of government, promote convenience of business service, promote high-efficiency of security, and rapidly develop preference of people’s service. The second one is to promote industrial innovation development, to cultivate emerging business forms, and to help economic transformation. Develop application of big data in industry, emerging industries, agriculture and rural areas; promote integration between big data development and science & technology innovation; promote basic research and core technology development; form big data product system; and improve big data industry chain. The third one is to strengthen security, to improve management level, and to promote healthy development. Make big data security system perfect and strengthen security support.

Guizhou Built the First Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone in China

In September 18th of 2015, Guizhou province launched work to build the first big data comprehensive pilot zone in China, tried to develop it become new height gathering data application, comprehensive demonstrative area, industrial development gathering area, first choice of entrepreneurship & innovation and pilot are of policy innovation via three to five years. Surrounding this goal, Guizhou province will mainly build “three main systems”, and mainly establish “seven big platforms” as well as implement “ten main projects”.

"Three Main Systems” means to build pilot policy & regulation system, cross-over integrated industry ecosystem, security system with prevention and control.

"Seven Big Platforms” means to build big data demonstrative platform, big data collection platform, big data application platform, big data transaction platform, big data finance service platform, big data communication platform and big data entrepreneurship & innovation platform.

"Ten Main Projects” means to implement data resource collection, governmental data sharing and opening, comprehensively manage demonstration improvement, big data preferential project, big data three main business forms cultivation project, traditional industry transformation & upgrading, information infrastructure improvement, talent cultivation & introduce project, big data security project and big data regional pilot planning development project.

Besides that, Guizhou province will explore innovative modes of big data application via building comprehensive pilot zones, cultivate new method of big data, develop market pilot of data transaction, encourage data exchange between upper stream and downstream of industry chain, regulate transaction behaviors of data resources and promote new business forms.

Experts from National Development and Reform Commission indicated that building big data comprehensive pilot area is not a simply thing like building industry park, data center or cloud platform; but should fully depend on current infrastructure resources, use current resources, make good schedule and get rid of wasting space resource and loss. Explore new mode of big data application should launch first pilot via data, data utilization to better serve big data development strategy in China.

Leading Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Enterprises Enter into Big Data Industry in China

In current internet area, application of big data has been widely used, especially for enterprises. Enterprises have become main bodies of most big data applications. With enterprises begin to use big data; we can see more new big data application every day that can help people to achieve benefits from them. Big data application has been widely used in each aspect of our lives, covering medical, transportation, finance, education, sport and retail.

Compared with international leading IT and internet enterprises, Chinese enterprises have later beginning of big data; however some enterprises still continually invest this blue sea market and have good development trend, including Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and other internet giants; Huawei, Inspur, Zhongxing, CDG, Neusoft, Yongyou, Kingdee and other domestic leading enterprises. All of them covering data collection, data storage, data analysis, data visualization and data security, have become represented enterprises with ability to achieve big data in China. Furthermore, a batch of domestic big data companies in the preliminary stage such as Shuyun, Miaozhen System, SequoiaDB, Qiniu and etc. they depend on big data tools to provide innovative plans and to promote technology development according to market demands.

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