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TOP10 Selection

Intro to TOP10

The selection on “TOP10 Outsourcing Parks and three sub-lists” (TOP10) is a researching program on Chinese service outsourcing industry co-raised by Devott Service Outsourcing Research Center and Chnsourcing. Adhering to “fairness, justice and openness”, the program, with its years of exploration and accumulation, has become one of the most important references and benchmarks for global outsourcers when searching Chinese service providers to make the investment in China since it launched in 2007. As the only selection program on outsourcing park in China, it has been successfully held for 5 years and received a wide range of recognition and praise globally.

The TOP 10 parks are finally selected according to the “Pyramid Model” as the primary criteria (used to appraise an outsourcing park’s comprehensive competitiveness including endowment, industry, environment, policies, services and investment that provides foreign outsourcers with authoritative reference), and supported by OIOP™ and “4-dimensional model” so as to rate the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese service outsourcing parks.

TOP10 is launched every October and the final list is unveiled in the Annual Outsourcing Summit on March 21st of the consequent year.

TOP10 Outsourcing Parks of China 2012
Rank Park Name
1 Dalian Software Park
2 Chengdu Tianfu Software Park
3 Zhongguancun Software Park
4 Xi’an Software Park
5 Qilu Software Park
6 Shenyang International Software Park
7 Wuhan Guanggu Software Park
8 Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone
9 Tianjin Binhai Service Outsourcing Industrial Park
10 Rugao Software Park
The Most Potential Parks 2012
Park Name
China Smart e-Valley
Wuhu Service Outsourcing Industrial Park
Yongchuan Service Outsourcing Industrial Park
The Most Characteristic Pharmaceutical Park 2012
Park Name
Data Industrial Park, National Pharmaceutical Hi-tech Zone, Taizhou
The Most Attractive Tech-Zone 2012
Park Name
Hangzhou Information Harbor